The Question – 87

Another solid request. I made Renee Question instead of Vic Sage Question because I already drew Vic way back.

Got two more great suggestions I want to get to so soon I hope. These are still great exercises and good for getting something out there in a small amount of time.

Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge once again.


    Originally, the palette I had in my head for this was similar to this older piece but it’s kinda already similar enough conceptually so I decided to change it up a bit.

    I’ve actually had this finished for a while but I’m just feeling a huge amount of… I don’t know, apathy towards everything.

    Hopefully I can get my drawing mojo back soon.

      Zero Suit Samus – 12

      I timed myself for this one, it was done in a little over an hour and half.

      And yes, I just copy pasted the second Metroid.

      I’m gonna move on to other stuff for now but this was buttloads of fun so if you have more suggestions send them my way. I might put them all together in a single piece once I have a bunch.

      Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge once again.

        Beat – 26

        Second palette challenge.

        By the way, I’m not using gradients or soft brushes or filters or effects or anything like that. I’m sticking to the palette hardcore because otherwise I can play too much with variation and that defeats the purpose of this, I think.

        I might do one more of these before I get back to my regular stuff, which isn’t to say I won’t be doing more of these. It’s a lot of fun and it’s helping to think about color in different ways.

        Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge once again.

          Hellboy – 93

          My first of these palette challenges!

          This was actually quite a deal tougher than I expected. Working with these limited palettes forces you to think more in terms of color which is something I really need.

          Will definitely do a bunch more so send in those suggestions! I already chosen a couple more which I’m definitely doing.

          Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge.

            Mario vs. Mai Shiranui

            This is one of the 4 or 5 pieces that have been sitting unfinished on my drive and it’s high time I started to wrap them up.

            Tried to play with a much more vertical composition here because I try to make these as different from one another as I possibly. I’m not one to poop on my own stuff but, if I could do it all over again, I guess I’d redraw Mai, possibly with a different outfit (though they’re all quite similar really).

            I don’t know what I’ll finish next but I need to get out of this funk fast and get some drawing done.

              Sailor Mars Redesign

              For @Artgermination. I’ve been so incapable of finishing my own stuff (commissions on hold for now too, sorry) that it was nice to get a challenge and just do that.

              Alas, I’m not super familiar to Sailor Moon (though I might have to look into it with that new series out there) so the design is pretty modest in terms of changes. Wanted to keep the bare legs and high heels combo though. I also tried to imitate @kit-kit-kit‘s style and it worked out pretty well though, of course, it doesn’t look as classy as his stuff does.

              Anyway, I have like 3 or 4 half done pieces and I hope to finish at least one of them soon.

                Expiration Date


                During its initial years, this site featured a lot of articles where I wrote about all kinds of stuff but, over time, a lot of that writing was replaced by more and more posts with my art. As I became more prolific in doing illustrations and the writing/drawing ratio got skewed towards the latter, I realized that this was the reason why I started this blog in the first place so I was happy to let it continue that way.

                Writing fell by the wayside but, before that happened, I posted about comics and movies and, obviously, video games. I wrote a handful of articles about Team Fortress 2, one of the earliest of which was a piece in which I bemoaned the lack that a proper Team Fortress 2 movie. This was posted back in 2009 and in the time since I wrote that article, the plot for TF2 (a competitive multiplayer game that, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t need one) has been expanded with more Meet the Team videos, TF2 comics and, of course, by tons of in-game dialogue and items. We’ve learned a lot of backstory and a ton about these characters and now we finally, finally have something that is as close to my original wishes as we are going to get for now. Yesterday, Valve released Expiration Date (which I’ve kindly embedded above), the newest TF2 short that clocks at 15 minutes (!) to kick off its Love & War update. I’ve watched it about half a dozen times now and, needless to say, it’s just fucking brilliant.

                It seems to tease a lot of interesting stuff too, like new weapons (obviously) but also a new game mode? Boss characters? The fabled 10th class?! This will all be revealed as details for the update roll out over the next couple of days but let’s forget about all that good stuff for a minute and just admire the quality of the above short which is funny, exciting, has beautiful animation and just oozes with character.

                Now I just want more though so Valve, SEDUCE ME!

                  Future Soldier

                  It’s been a while since I posted anything. My life has been kind of a huge bummer lately but I’m slowly trying to get my rhythm back.

                  I’ve had the line art for this piece sitting in my hard drive for many weeks. I based it off this drawing I did in my sketchbook a while back. I originally wanted to do some nice blending with it, similar to Artgerm’s stuff but I kinda failed so I went back to my tried and true cel-shading. I then added a billion adjustment layers and effects which I’m still now sure if I do because it really enhances the piece or because I feel a need to hide bad art. Might be a little of both.

                  I’ve got Mario vs. Mai Shiraui pretty much done (just missing the background) but I might do a smaller, simpler piece from start to finish before that. I also have a few commissions I need to wrap up first so I don’t know what order I’ll posting stuff in but I certainly hope to be back to uploading new art more frequently.

                    Sketchbook Update – Unfinished Edition

                    I usually post these sketchbook updates when I feel like I haven’t posted any art in a while but I don’t have anything to post that is close to being finished. That’s certainly the case for this update.

                    I might as well use the occasion to mention that the Salón del Cómic here in Barcelona went well. It was nowhere near as lucrative as LSCC was but it was fun and I got to meet people that do comics that live in the same city as I. Best of all though, the great Claudio Castellini approached my table and commended me on my work. That was easily the highlight of my 4 days there.

                    Anyway, some of these pages were done there and you can find the full set of scans for this sketchbook here.